Application Form

Thank you for all your applications. The lists for the planned spring / autumn litters of puppies are closed.

Before buying a puppy, we ask to reconsider your decision. Buying a dog is also a constant,
current expense (such as: care of the vet, perhaps training and others), but most of all it is time
to devote to the dog.
Especially in these first months… 😉
When buying a puppy from our kennel we guarantee:
 vaccination and deworming (initial)
 a copy of the genetic testing
 microchip
 character evaluation based on puppy temperament tests (Campbell, Wolhard test)
 socialization
 neurostimulation
 Doodle Pals layette
 support from our side at any time of day 🙂
Puppies from our kennel will be sold as domestic dogs, thus in the period of full maturity they
must be sterilized.

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    Are you looking for a dog to work in the animal-assisted therapy/canine-assisted therapy?

    If you would like to include other information regarding your person, please post it here

    We care about the happiness of our pets, so if you are not sure if Cavapoo is for you, postpone
    or resign.
    Only selected people will receive information from us about qualifying for the waiting list.
    We ask for your understanding due to the limited number of puppies.
    For those who have not qualified but still care about Cavapoo we will create a reserve list for
    the next litters.
    After the birth of puppies, we will try to keep you informed about the progress of our puppies
    (approximately every week).
    Our dogs will also have temperament tests carried out by Behaviorist. We perform such tests
    at the age of 6 and 7 weeks. Thanks to them we will be able to choose a dog which
    temperament will suit you. However, each puppy is a different personality, so such tests are
    extremely helpful 😉
    Puppies will be ready for collection at the age of 8/9 weeks.
    You can pick up your dog in person, as well as we can deliver it to you 🙂