About the breed


is a hybrid dog, created by the crossing of two recognized dog breeds. The origins of this breed date back to the 90s. Breeders wanted to obtain an ideal dog by combining the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the Mini Poodle. Both breeds are characterized by their superlatives.

Cavalier is an extremely friendly, sociable as well as sensitive and loyal dog. Whereas the miniature poodle, in addition to features such as sensitivity, tenderness and loyalty, stands out above average intelligence. Characteristics are one thing, another issue that breeders took into
account was the desire to create a dog for people who are struggling with allergic or asthmatic problems. Here also it succeeded, because mini poodle gives its offspring beautiful hair 🙂

Australian breeders were preparing to create this hybrid for quite a long time. The rich knowledge and necessary genetic research allowed today to enjoy an extraordinary breed of cavapoo.

Cavapoo character

It is a perfect dog. Cavapoo is a very friendly and incredibly family-friendly dog. Gentle and very positive attitude to other dogs (regardless of breed). They have predispositions to work in animal-assisted therapy, canine-assisted therapy and canine-assisted education. They love to
work with humans. Due to the fact that they are intelligent dogs at a relatively high level, they are able to read our emotions and moods perfectly. They usually adapt to them.