About me

Hello! 🙂
My name is Gosia. Since childhood I have been passionate about dogs and I always knew that they would be an integral part of my life. This is why I took my professional path in this direction.
It started a few years ago… from a course of animal-assisted therapy and canine-assisted
education. Gaining knowledge, experience and, above all, practice, I have only confirmed myself in a belief that dogs are my future 🙂 Meanwhile, I decided to take a groomer course,
where I met a few dogs almost daily. It was for me a rich experience in knowledge and
practice. My story with cavapoo started 2 years ago… Reading about dogs working in animal- assisted therapy – I came across this breed. Deepening my knowledge about it I started to look for them in Poland. Only without success. We decided to import a dog from the UK.

Today I already have three fantastic female doodles at home! Fig, Suzi and Beza (mini
goldendoodle) who joined us quite recently. Out of love and great passion for doodle breeds I also decided to start my own brand Doodle Pals, which in its assortment offers unique products for doodle lovers and dogs.